How to create a turn feature class?

Discussion created by koushik_p77 on Nov 10, 2013
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I have a street network (named Streets_Corr). I work in ArcGIS Desktop 9.3. I want to give turn penalties at all intersections. At majority of the intersections, I have given Global Turn Delay; while at some, where there are traffic signals, I propose to make a Turn Feature class and give penalties as per actual traffic signal cycle. In Streets_Corr, I have used Planarize tool so as to break the lines at all vertices. I also have used ArcHydro 9 to get From_nodes and To-nodes. I have then built the Network Dataset in ArcCatalogue (Connectivity: Any Vertex).

Next, I have used Create Turn Feature Class in ArcToolbox. A blank table called select_turns was created.

Then, I started ArcMap and added the Network Dataset and select_turns in Table Of Contents. Started Editor. In Editor Toolbar, target layer - select_turns. Edge Snapping was selected for the street network layer Streets_Corr. Then I started using Sketch tool to select the edges/lines at an intersection. However, everytime I get a message- "The Create Feature Task could not be completed. The edges are not adjacent in the Network Dataset in this sequence". Can anyone tell me where am I getting wrong? My Network Dataset, Streets_corr, select_turns are in a feature dataset in a .gdb file.

I do not have a Turn Table. Should I make a TurnTable first and then convert it to a turn feature class? How to create a Turn Table in ArcGIS 9.3 in that case?

Koushik Paul