Export Map bbox conversion

Discussion created by nicovink on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by nicovink
I am trying to learn how to use Export Map through the REST api. I managed to get an image of the city of Gent in Belgium by using the following url:,50.985234,3.860207,51.113006&f=image&size=1392,1183&imageSR=3857

Now, I want to look at this same area on the NatGeo_World_Map, but all I have been getting is empty images. I assume this has to do with the units of the NatGeo_World_Map being esriMeters instead of esriDecimalDegrees, but I have found no way to (correctly) convert the bounding box to esriMeters. Does anyone know how to do the conversion (or if I'm going at this the wrong way, how to get the same area of Gent on the NatGeo server)?