Create New Feature Linked Annotation

Discussion created by Francesco.Sinergis on Nov 4, 2013

I have a Feature Linked Annotation class with 3 subtypes.

What I need is, for each selected feature in the linked class, to create the corresponding annotation.

My code now works for almost everything, except two things:

When I set the SharedSymbol on each single created ISymbolCollectionElement, some attributes are not passed, like flip angle or the positioning, and I see non flipped annotations as a result;

The second problem is, if i try to annotate the features from ArcMap (selection, right click, annotate selected features), the third subtype creates annotations wich are flipped and with an offset, if I debug the code, i see that the symbol loaded from the SymbolCollection does not have the same properties ad because of that, even if the problem 1 was solved, the annotation will be in the wrong place.

I have searched everywhere on Google but I cannot find the right workflow to create new feature linked annotations, someone can point me in the right direction please?

Also, what is the right geometry to pass to the ISymbolCollectionElement?

What i need is to be able to completely automate the "Annotate Selected Features" command from ArcMap, only on specific subtypes.

My code (with only the important pieces) is below:

//get the parser and the symbol
ISymbolIdentifier pIdentifier = null;
IAnnotationExpressionParser pAnnoParser = GetAnnoParser(pAnnoFClass.Extension as IAnnoClass, subtypeName, subtypeID, out pIdentifier);

IFeature pNewFeature = pAnnoFClass.CreateFeature();

IAnnotationFeature2 pAnnoFeature = pNewFeature as IAnnotationFeature2;

//link to the original feature
pAnnoFeature.LinkedFeatureID = pInterruttore.OID;
pAnnoFeature.Status = esriAnnotationStatus.esriAnnoStatusPlaced;
//subtype of the annotation
pAnnoFeature.AnnotationClassID = subtypeID;

//new element
ISymbolCollectionElement sce = new TextElementClass() as ISymbolCollectionElement;
sce.Geometry = pInterruttore.ShapeCopy;
sce.Text = GetAnnotationString(pAnnoParser, pInterruttore);
sce.set_SharedSymbol(pIdentifier.ID, pIdentifier.Symbol); // pIdentifier.Symbol have Angle set, but resulting "sce" does not
pAnnoFeature.Annotation = sce as IElement;