AGO web map mobile browser functionality, docs?

Discussion created by simpsonr on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by dr03602
I'm looking at one of my AGO maps via Android device browser and have some questions regarding whether things I'm seeing are bugs, features, limitations, etc...

First off, does anyone know if there is esri documentation on AGO mobile web map functionality?  I'm talking about browser based maps, not the native ArcGIS or Collector apps.

A couple questions I have are:
1)  I have several "operational layers" in the map but don't seem to be able to toggle them on or off.  I see a listing of the layers but no way to interact with that listing.  I'd like to be able turn on/off various layers in the map, as I can with the PC browser version of the map.

2)  I've enabled popups for one of the sub layers... works great in the pc browser version of the map but on the mobile map (same exactly URL as the pc based map), I see the popup flash quickly, I see the polygon shape get selected quickly, but then the popup says "no information" and the cyan outline/selected shape goes away.  How do I get the popup to work properly in the mobile map?