Calculate one field based on another

Discussion created by bhoobler on Oct 31, 2013
I have a personal geodatabase with 2 fields. They both have domains set up to ease the editing process for my users. If my
WaterType field is set as "Not Irrigated" (or code 4) then I need my IrrigType to be set as "Not Irrigated" (code 0). I'm not sure if I
want to use the description or the code from the domains?

Next I need to calculate acres from my area field. I use !shape.area@acres! and it runs in 10.2 but not in 10.0. Is there a better way?
Finally, I would also like to set this up so that it runs that my users don't have to run the scripts in calculate field every time they digitize a polygon. Is an add-in the best way for this? I don't seem to be able to load the correct version to use it.

Thanks in advance for helping me make this geodatabase more user friendly.