Using a task scheduler for geoprocessing within a production server environment

Discussion created by bauman312 on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by mvolz47
Hi there,

We have a model that is being used for weekly processing. A Python script checks to see if a file exists within an assigned directory, and then triggers the model process. This is accomplished without intervention, through the use of the Windows 7 Task Scheduler. We are now in need of migrating this weekly process to our production server. This server does not contain ArcGIS for Desktop, only ArcGIS for Server. How can we maintain our hands-off weekly processing given this limitation? Would it be be possible to export the model into a Python script, convert it to an executable and then assign that to Windows Task Scheduler without the existence of ArcGIS for Desktop? Or is there an ArcGIS for Server feature for scheduling a geoprocessing service (assuming we publish the model)? It seems to me as if published services are more for distributed use, and given that we only need to use this internally, it is not entirely appropriate.
We have no access to our production server yet, so I am still unclear as to what we can and cannot do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.