Is there a config param for WMS OnlineResource HREF base?

Discussion created by myESRIUName on Oct 28, 2013
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Our ArcGIS Server is behind a firewall and not directly accessible. To get to it and its resources, users are routed through proxies. We've hit some problems related to accessing our WMSes as a result of this. At the moment, the only outstanding problem we're left with is the OnlineResource HREF that is returned in the GetCapabilities response XML. The OnlineResource HREF returned points to a server inside our firewall (that is, to our Web Adaptor server).

I see from the documentation (although it suggests I should not do this) that I can change the OnlineResource URL for each individual WMS service in the ArcGIS Manager. I'm wondering, though, if there is some config parameter somewhere (perhaps even in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory? or in a text config file somewhere?) where I can set a base URL for all WMS services? And, ArcGIS Server will use that as the base rather than what it thinks the base should be (in our case, the Web Adaptor server) in generating the OnlineResource itself?

Anything hiding out in there that might make our services deployment a bit more bullet-proof?