Building Geometry from Fields

Discussion created by vassilo-esri-southafrica-esridist on Oct 28, 2013
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I am have an incoming TCP text feed where the location is in separate X & Y fields. In the Receive text from a TCP Socket I have specified that the geometry should be built from fields and specified that fields it should use, however, nothing happens. I have connected the incoming text to the Text-Out-TCP connector and if I specify to build the geometry there is no output. If I leave the build geometry off I get an output.

I have tried setting the fields to double and float with out any success.

Here is what the data looks like.

VDK690GP,2013-09-12 13:30:00.000,28.0462818145752,-26.1270503997803,52,Driving

Any ideas on what is going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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