Need to extend ArcGIS desktop using ArcObjects.  Where to start?

Discussion created by Dica455 on Oct 23, 2013
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Hi guys

I???m primarily a web developer working with .Net technologies.  I know nothing about GIS but have been asked to help extend functionality in ArcGIS desktop.  These are the requirements:

1. Add a new toolbar button called something like ???Address Point Tool???
2. This creates a popup dialogue that allows the user to ???Add Address Point??? or ???Edit Address Point???.
3. Assuming the GIS technician selected ???Add Address Point???, they would then click somewhere on a map.  At this point, my tool would make a point on the map and programmatically retrieve the selected point???s parcel ID.
4. The user is then given another popup dialogue which allows them to input an address number to associate with that selected point on the map.
5. The user then clicks on save in the second popup dialogue.  This writes the parcel ID to our Address point layer.

Can somebody point me to a tutorial or let me know what tools I should be researching to accomplish this?