Using arcpy to 'borrow' a licence - is this possible

Discussion created by leftieant76 on Oct 21, 2013
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Hi all

A theoretical question at this point,  but one I may implement if I can work out a way.

I have a custom MXD that is used by non-technical people in the field - basically their only input is to sketch lines on a tablet screen with a stylus.

We have an enterprise licence agreement, and have configured our licence server to allow checking out / borrowing of licences for offline use for a period of time (10 days I think).

I am wondering, is it possible to script a solution in Python, that would

# check if it is running on a borrowed (offline) or network licence
# if on a borrowed licence, check the expiry date
# if there are less than [x] days to run, return the licence and then re-borrow (basically to reset the clock).

If I can get this rolling, I pretty much have a set and forget solution, as I have already scripted a solution to check for network connection and then to sync data with a gdb available on network share. Ideally I could have one script that would automatically execute on machine startup, user then just opens the project and hits the road.