Is there a way to add a current location button to ArcGIS Online Web Application?

Discussion created by Rlittlefield on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Rlittlefield
I have a Widows 7 Panasonic ToughPad for a field device. We are using ArcGIS Online for our mobile solution. Since Windows 7 doesn't have an app like iOS or Android, creating a Web Application is the only option.

If I create a Web Application with, for example the Basic Viewer there is no current location or locate me button. Is there a way to add one? Maybe somehow to access the code and add a locate button, that would use the device's GPS? I know the Parcel Viewer has a locate button. It works ok, not that great though. Even if there was a way to take the parcel viewer's locate button and put it into the other Web Applications, that would be better than nothing.