Deploy .NET SOE on linux box

Discussion created by zj_zou on Oct 17, 2013
Does anyone have any luck to deploy a .NET SOE (Server Object Extension) on a linux server hosting ArcGIS Server 10.1? If so, can you share the steps how to do that? The .NET SOE we developed can be deployed to the windows server. But failed on linux box, complaining that the DLL is not found in the .SOE file, which is there.

I've spent hours trying to find the information on ESRI online document, but found nothing useful. I was told that when installing ArcGIS Server on the linux box, a software called WINE installed along with it. WINE is a windows simulator, which I assume it might be useful to help deploy .NET component on the linux box.

Of course, we can migrate our .NET SOE to java, and redeploy it. But we like to take that as the last option if that is the only option.

Any comments, experience sharing or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.