Setting Up Internal JavaScript Configuration

Discussion created by byoungs32 on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by pfoppe
I've been trying to configure our rest-config to utilize an internal JavaScript API setup on a 10.2 server instance using the Web Adaptor for Tomcat with no luck.

I've changed the file for the internal Tomcat instance for jsapi.arcgis and jsapi.arcgis.css, restarted the Tomcat service, and I'm still not having any luck viewing services in JS viewer. I've also tried to change the URL to an internal portal instance with no success. The REST services directory continues to display " Map". If I pull those URLs into a browser they come up with no issues.

Is there a trick to getting this to work properly at 10.2?

Additionally, would there be any drawbacks to simply modifying the internal Tomcat instance to run over port 80 and to uninstall the web adaptor and the second Tomcat instance? Seems like that may be a cleaner way to do things if there are no other webapps currently deployed on that system.