license problem when run my application (after porting)

Discussion created by iierace on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by skutz
Hi all,

I've just finish a porting from ArcGis 9.3 to ArcGis 10.1 of an application. The building is ok, but when I run it this error message appears:

"LicenseUtilities::InitializeApp  Unable to initialize ArcObjects (No appropriate licence available)"

In my ArcGIS Administrator all license are available and the registration was without problems.

To complete the information the porting of my application, start from an environment with Win XP SP3 - VS 2005 -ArcGIS 9.3  to
Win 7 (32bit) - VS 2010 SP1 - ArcGIS 10.1. In the old environment the application works correctly, without license problems.

What should I check/set?