Export Web Map using Windows Authentication

Discussion created by youngjb_06 on Oct 10, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I have published an Export Web Map tool as a geoprocessing service for printing some of our secure services. The problem is when I use Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA) the tool fails every time with "Unable to connect to map server at....." for each secure service in the web map and ends the error message with "Client tried to access password-protected page without proper authorization.". What's crazy (at least to me) is changing the authentication of ArcGIS Server to HTTP Basic or HTTP Digest fixes the problem it runs just fine.

I have run the custom Export Web Map tool on my computer and the copy that it put on the server after I published it, and both copies run just fine and I used multiple accounts that have sufficient permissions. It is only when I try to run the geoprocessing service using WIA that I get an error.

To test the geoprocessing service I did not use my app. Instead I simply ran it through the Services Directory. I provided the exact same parameters as I did when I ran the tool (not the service) in ArcMap. Like I said earlier the only thing that I have to change to get it working is switching from WIA to HTTP Basic or HTTP Digest. I am using the same credentials when I change the authentication method as well.

So is this a bug or is there some magical setting that is not documented to get WIA to work? Also, everything else works when using WIA, such as dynamic map services, tiled map services, feature services, geocoding services, heck even a geodata service.

I am using:
Windows Server 2008 R2
ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced 10.2 with all the available patches
Windows Domain user store
ArcGIS Server Built-in role store
Web Tier authentication
Web Tier authentication mode