ArcGIS online does't support secured WMS ?

Discussion created by tstcivc on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by sch7712

I'm trying to use a WMS service with ArcGIS online.
This is an HTTPS WMS service, with credentials (login / password). It's the service from the IGN (french institute of cartography).
URL is something like : https://wxs.ign.fr/XXX/geoportail/r/wms (where "XXX" is a private key).

ArcGIS online doesn't allow me to mark login/password when i'm creating the reference to the WMS webservice. When it's launched (layer added to a map), the map asks for credentials, wich is not what i want : when the map will be published, final users won't have to know such informations !

ArcGIS online does't support secured WMS ? Is there any way to make it works ?


PS : please excuse mispellings, i'm not native english speaker