Using a code block to Calculate Field

Discussion created by mwooten3 on Oct 8, 2013
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Hi. I'm trying to do something simple in Arc but with no luck and was hoping someone could point out my error.

I want to use the value of pixels (Value field) in a raster to define a new field called 'TreeClass', where 6 classes will be represented.

I built the attribute table and added the field (tried both short integer and long integer, the latter which matches the Value field type).

I use the following in the Code Block parameter for the Calculate Field tool:
def getclass(Value):
 if Value >= 0 & Value <= 10:
  return 1
 if Value >= 11 &  Value <=20:
  return 2
 if Value >= 21 & Value <= 40:
  return 3
 if Value >= 41 & Value <=60:
  return 4
 if Value >= 61 & Value <=100:
  return 5
  return 6

And enter "getclass(!Value!)" into the Expression parameter.

When I run the tool, the TreeClass field populates with 1's.

What am I doing wrong here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!