arcpy.Geometry's Intersect method - how does it work?

Discussion created by jostein on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by doug.sands
I'm creating a script to find the coordinates of the point on a polyline that is at shortest distance from another point. Since the script can only use an ArcGIS Desktop Basic license, I can not use any of the Near-tools. So, I try to use the ArcPy Geometry class to do the calculations.

First, I calculate the distance between the point and the polyline:
distance = Point1.distanceTo(Polyline1)

Then I try to find the actual nearest point on the polyline by creating a buffer with radius distance around the point and then do an intersect between the buffer polygon and the polyline:
Buffer1 = Point1.buffer(distance)
IntersectPoint = Buffer1.intersect(Polyline1, 1)

The intersect does not return any geometry even though a run of
returns a True value, indicating that the features intersect. What am I not gettig here? Any idea woud be appreciated