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Labels not displaying in cached service

Question asked by fannonj on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by fannonj

I've created a cached map service and for a couple of the scales the labels have not come through in the cached tiles. When using the same mxd to create an un-cached service, the labels are drawn when viewing at the same scales.

I've tried simplifying the labels but this has not made any difference. I've also turned on verbose logging and there are no errors/warnings in the log when after re-creating the tiles.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? I've now wasted a few hours messing about trying to fix it, so any previous experiences with labels in cached map services would be greatly appreciated. I don't really want to have to create annotation, as the services uses pre-defined data from a supplier which we don't wish to manipulate if we can help it.

We are working with ArcGIS Server 10.1 sp1 on Windows Server 2008 R2. The data is coming from local file geodatabases on the server.