Error message with webmap in tab container

Discussion created by mdagan on Oct 2, 2013
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I have a arcgis online map embeded in a iFrame on my ASP.Net website. The iFrame is in the 3rd tab of a 3 tabs container. Each time I change tab, the tabs are reloaded because of the autopostback (I can't set it to false).

Until recently, it worked fine. I didn't change anything, but now, there is an error message when I navigate between the tabs. When I leave the third tab that contains the map, I have this error:

The page at says:
Unable to create map : "d is null"

In Firebug, in the console there are these 2 errors:

1/ At the beginning:
NetworkError: 404 Not Found -

2/ And after the "GET":

dojo/parser::parse() error
TypeError: d is null

This error occurs at line 512 of, in this code:

f,b,!0)}).then(function(a){return n=n.concat(a)}).otherwise(function(a){console.error("dojo/parser::parse() error",a);throw a;});m.mixin(n,q);return n}};l.parser=B;e.parseOnLoad&&n(100,B,"parse");return B})},"esri/layers/MapImage":function(){define("dojo/_base/declare dojo/_base/lang dojo/has esri/kernel esri/domUtils esri/geometry/Extent".split(" "),function(g,l,m,p,e,h){g=g(null,{declaredClass:"esri.layers.MapImage",constructor:function(e){l.mixin(this,e);this.extent=new h(this.extent)},visible:!0,

Any help appreciated!

Thank you