Appending shapefile to SQL Database through Web Application

Discussion created by steveattt on Sep 30, 2013
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We have an (non-GIS) operator, who needs to occasionally upload a shapefile and append it to two databases. This is done through a python script that makes a backup copy of the two databases and appends the new records to the database/s, using arc tools (Spatial Join, Append etc).

The two access issues here are the arc 10.1 licence (currently stored on a server), and database access permissions.

The databases are SQL Server enterprise databases. We are running ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server 10.1. We have a web mapping Client interface that serves published map services. Arc licences are stored on a server.

Rather than giving them edit access to the server etc, we would like to enable them to run the python script (preferably as a tool within a browser) that uploads, accesses arc tools, and appends to the database.

To do this via a web browser would be cleaner for us �??
i) allowing access to editing the database without giving general login permissions to the server
ii) access to arc license without a local installation on their desktop machine

We can utilise Python, AGS or ArcObjects, or whatever

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please bear with any ignorance on my part, as I�??m only starting to get my head around this.

This thread seems to have some similarities to a recent thread 'Managing Database through web application'.  I have made a new thread because it may be quite a different issue, as we already have a python script to do the tasks - the issue is with access to licences and access permissions.


Steve Page