Feature Service Update using ESRI Python Script Error

Discussion created by holisgis on Sep 27, 2013
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I used the ESRI Python Script to update our Bikeways Feature Service. 


I made the changes to the Python Script. Set up the MXD and Data accordingly. Ran the Script and then got the error

Item 68......4849K45L Bikeways (Feature Service) Already exists.
Bikeways was not created

I left my workstation for an hour. When I returned I checked the Feature Service and it had Updated But had given the Feature Service a NEW ID !!!!!! Now Web Maps and Apps that were created will have to be re referenced

I tried to find the description page with the old ID BUT The item is now DELETED.

Had used the scipt to make a test Feature service with another data set (Roads) and it worked perfect.

What is the solution to restore the Bikeways Feature Service before this update

This is the ITEM ID