ArcSDE Compressed Binary representation

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We need to read geometry from ArcSDE Compressed Binary representation. Converting to native database spatial type is not an option.
Due to requirements we try not to use COM objects as well. Is there any code samples or correct documentation how this could be read?
We use .Net C# but any sample in other language like C or Java is ok. We use 10.01 and plan to use 10.02. Is this http://edndoc.esri.com/arcsde/9.2/concepts/geometry/representations/compressed.htm#Physical the latest version of the Compressed Binary representation?  Seems there is a bug of copy paste from older version. Document states: �??The next two bytes of the byte stream are not used currently, but are reserved for future use.�?�  but later 6 and 7 bytes are defined in the table below.