Editor tracking - read configuration

Discussion created by dabu-esri-sgroup-esridist on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by ajoos

I'm using Editor tracking. When I'm creating new table I setup it like that:
IClassSchemaEdit4 schemaEdit = ......
schemaEdit.IsTimeInUTC = true;
schemaEdit.EditedAtFieldName = "MODIFICATIONDATE";

The problem is that I need to read those settings somehow. I unable to find how to access that info when I have ITable interface (cast to what?).
I found IEditorTrackingInfo interface. But I unable to find how I can access it from ITable. I found that IDataObjectTable2 has EditorTrackingInfo property, but here again, I need to go from ITable to IDataObjectTable2 somehow.
Also such info exits in IDEEditorTracking interface, but it's for geoprocessing.

Strange that it's not possible to access those properties in easy way - usually new things are available when you cast to some new interface, but it seems no this time. Any help?