Add dynamic table to layout

Discussion created by semcopa on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2013 by aimong
I am using Data Driven pages for Parcel Map Book creation. I need to add an attribute table listing all the subdivision information viewable on each specific page.
I can do it manually now with 'select-by-attributes' and 'add table to layout' but can be time consuming when a lot of pages need to be exported.
My subdivision table does have a column that matches the 'index' layer name; so I thought about 'insert dynamic attribute', but I need 5 columns from subdivision table.
How can I update the table in layout by just clicking 'next page' from data driven toolbar?
I saw 'Make Query Table' and this looks promising, just trying to get a hint at direction I should take from the pros.
I also saw the 'graphic table element', but we do not have the 'Production Mapping' extension.
Seems odd this little gem is hidden away in some costly extension.

I'm working in Version 10.2 and admittedly new to Python.