GeometricNetwork error loading

Discussion created by bac_cc on Sep 24, 2013
Goal is to eventually have access to the set of features that failed during the LoadNetwork portion of building out the geometric network. Currently I'm importing data, getting a nice network built out and via arcmap I can see the error table and more or less grasp which features aren't correct and why. My problem, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was going down the wrong path, is that the IGeometricNetworkErrorDetection isn't loading that table. Its actually failing to create the selection set.

  ipNetworkClass = featureClassPtr;
  hr= ipNetworkClass->get_GeometricNetwork(&ipGeometricNetwork);
  ipNetworkErrorDetection = ipGeometricNetwork;
  hr = ipNetworkErrorDetection->CreateSelectionSetFromErrorTable(&ipSet);

How do I access the features the BUILDERR table references?