jQuery plugins conflicting with dojo

Discussion created by jlnslv on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by odoe
I'm currently implementing ArcGIS maps within a website that uses jQuery quite a lot.

Now some plugins like hammer.js call dojo's define function because of their UMD wrappers. This cause multipleDefine errors in my console. Is there a way to circumvent this? Do I have to set all these plugins as package in the dojoConfig object?

Here the code in hammer.js
    if(typeof define == 'function' && typeof define.amd == 'object' && define.amd) {

        // define as an anonymous module
        define(['jquery'], function($) {
          extendJquery(Hammer, $);

    } else {
        extendJquery(window.Hammer, window.jQuery || window.Zepto);

Thanks for your help.