Point Density tool help

Discussion created by laurendoughton on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by jncole
Hi - wondering if anyone can point out what glaring omission I am probably making which is causing me problems running point density analysis?

I want to create a simple heat map based on the distribution of points (basically to indicate 'there are lots here' or 'there are less here') - I have run the point density tool, and although the tool seems to run fine (no errors, log indicates that the analysis is complete and shows an output file) - however, the output file is not there. That is to say that there is no file created - it does not add to the map, nor can I get it to via 'add to display' from the results box, and if I navigate to the file to add it manually via the table of contents then there is no corresponding data with the specified name in there either.  I have checked all my files to make sure I didn't send it to another location by accident, but nothing.

So - any suggestions? It's normally something very simple and daft when I come across a problem like this, but as I've not run the ttool before, I'm wondering what it might be.