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ArcObjects fail when running scheduled task

Question asked by hochas on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by hochas

We have an application that is used to load shp to sde, sde to sde and sde to shp using the exes to perform these tasks. You can run this application via a GUI, or in silent mode through a .bat file and supplying the needed arguments (load, truncate, delete, version# etc). Running via the GUI works fine, running a .bat file works fine too, except when you try to schedule a task with it.

A scheduled task generates an error saying "Failed to initialize ArcObjects at ...". I've tried running the task scheduler with different user accounts (all of them admins on the machine), right clicking and running the scheduler as admin.

I am out of ideas and still haven't solved this. Is this a problem with ArcObjects or is it simply a problem with privileges for the user? Any help towards solving this would be greatly appreciated.

Johan Carlsson