Pop-up window issue with Spy Glass version of Comparison Map Template

Discussion created by jlg046 on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by jlg046
I'm making a series of comparison maps and have run into an issue when using the new spy glass option. I'm getting buggy behavior from the pop-up windows - when I click on the main map I sometimes get the pop-up window for the spyglass layer (and vice versa). Each time I go into builder mode to re-set the pop-up window properties the problem is resolved for a period of time but then reverts to switching the pop-up windows. Any ideas on what's going on/how to fix?

I'm teaching with these apps next week and will need to switch to the swipe option if I can't get the spyglass option to work consistently.

Here's a URL for one of the apps that is not working (although it was working properly all day yesterday): http://tinyurl.com/mdd326t