Orphaned ArcSOC.exe

Discussion created by juhunter on Sep 14, 2013
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Just a few moments ago I came across a curious issue - the over-writing of one of my services continued to fail. This isn't the first time this has happened to me - and last time I fixed it when I re-ran the ArcGIS Server configuration - the one that you specify which user ArcGIS Server is running under. I kept getting the error...

Sep 14, 2013 2:23:26 PM

Failed to create the service.: Unable to delete service input folder.


Let me continue with a back story. Last night I was fiddling around doing queries - for some reason through the REST interface my service will -never- return if I do an objectid lookup. I have to put OBJECTID=n into the WHERE instead. Me doing this last night caused one of my services to be become unstable - showing one constantly being in use. I shrugged - I know ArcGIS Server will kill off a service that's in use for too long.

However this morning that same one was still in use. I stopped my service and looked at task manager - the ArcSOC.exe for that service did not stop.

Then I decided to try to overwrite the service. Failure - however the service was now no longer part of my list of services on the manager portal. I was confused - I checked folder permissions and everything was in check. It turns out that orphaned ArcSOC.exe was holding onto that folder. I understand that.

What I do NOT understand is how I even GOT an orphaned ArcSOC. What about the automatic clean-up? Why did it miss this one? Perhaps I am misunderstanding "The maximum time a client can use a service:" - which I assumed was ticking down on the "Instances in Use: 1" - with the recycling options, which are set to 24 hours.

However, even STOPPING the service didn't kill off the ArcSOC, so I assume the recycling wouldn't have done it either.

Any advice would be fantastic. Sorry for the length. Try to fit as much as I can.