create geodatabase first then iterate the CAD Dataset and export it on that gdb

Discussion created by cmlosaria_GIS on Sep 13, 2013
ok so i've been working my *** of trying to figure out how to run my model as a single tool

It runs fine when the processes are seperated meaning they are seperate tools

1st step is to simply create a file geodatabase
2nd step should be to iterate a folder containing CAD Data, and using a wildcard to convert only the Polygon DWG type inside the geodatabase we created on the 1st step

I'll attach a screenshot

anyway I can improve this? they workfine if they are seperate models though

Scenarios I tried using a single "output geodatabase parameter" and connect it to the "Feature class to Geodatabase tool" as shown here

Result: FAIL, it would gradually run the create geodatabase tool as well overwriting the previous geodatabase in the end only producing 1 polygon feature class instead of 9

I also tried trying to precondition the create geodatabase tool first before iteration begins but it doesn't stop the creating an new geodatabase

Result: Same results

any help would be great!