Trouble creating cached service - 'System/CachingTools.GPServer' crashed

Discussion created by joshua.rotteveel on Sep 13, 2013
I am working with ArcGIS Server 10.1 installed on a UNIX box and am creating a cached service based on a very large amount of data with some fairly complex cartographic design (scale dependencies, layer groups/subgroups) in the mxd.  My data is stored in a file geodatabase.  Both the mxd and gdb are both created using 10.1.

On the server site I have a registered folder pointing to the source data stored in the gdb displayed in my mxd and before creating the cached service the gdb is copied to the UNIX server in the directory referenced in the site configuration for that registered folder.

My workflow for creating the cached service has been through the wizard by going to File>Share As>Service>Publish a service.  Through this wizard I am able to define my service definition, parameters, etc.  I uncheck KML capabilities and under Caching section, I want to Draw this map service:  Using tiles from a cache.  Using the ArcGIS Online/Bing Maps/Google Maps Tiling Scheme Levels 0-17 and I choose to Build cache automatically when the service is published.  Under Caching>Advanced Settings I define my Area of interest to cache: as a feature class I have created based on a slightly buffered extent of my data (the data being cached is point data and it is CONUS, AK and HI).

The problem is after approximately 30 minutes I start to see errors in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory>Home>logs>query where I'm querying all SEVERE Level Log entries:

        SEVERE  Instance of the service 'System/CachingTools.GPServer' crashed.  CODE: 8252.  Method Name: GPServerSync.ExecuteJob.
        SEVERE  Execution of job jc27deb96d9ea4847a0ff40b2348f4267 failed. The service was unable to change the status of the job.  CODE: 20025.  Method Name: GPServerSync.ExecuteJob.

These entries look as though they are repeating for several hours and then stop.  I can View Cache Status in ArcCatalog and the Status remains "Tile generation is in progress." However, when I Show Details>Job Status I see the Job ID and the Status = Error with no noteworthy details.

I should add that with each attempt to create this cached service I am stopping and starting my ArcGIS Server in hopes that may help.  I have also tried stopping/starting and renaming my /site-config and /directories dirs to basically create a brand new site (ArcGIS Server 10.1 recreates these directories if they don't exist when it is started), I read in another thread that this technique might help, but I am still having issues, obviously.

Does anyone have any idea why my CachingTools.GPServer continually crashes like this?