Bing Map Tile Layer with Proxy

Discussion created by nigmacl on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by nigmacl
I have added a bing map layer to my app using a basic key from Microsoft

<bing:TileLayer ID="BingLayerAerial" LayerStyle="AerialWithLabels" Token="my key here"/>

When I start the app when I'm behind a proxy server I get an error

"ProtocolException was Unhandled"
"The remote server returned an unexpected response (417) Expectation Failed"

When I use the app on a network with no proxy required, it works fine.

If I comment the bing layer out and add some sample online content instead.

<esri:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer ID="StreetMapLayer"
            <esri:ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer ID="DynamicLayer" Url=""/>

Everything works fine, the app downloads all content no problem.

Are there special proxy settings for Bing Map Tile Layers?