Select the spatial reference when generating a TPK

Discussion created by on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by ShiminCai
I am trying to generate a TPK from ArcMap.
My root data block has a spatial reference of 3163.
I have one layer in it.

I want to generate a TPK.

The only options I have in the TPK in the tiling scheme are : "ArcGIS online ...", "Existing map service" and "Tiling scheme file" (approximate translations from french).

If I choose "Arcgis online" I end up with WGS84 spatial reference which I cannot use because my TPK needs to be used with other 3163 TPKs.
If I choose any of the 2 other choices, a dialog comes up asking me to select a file but I don't know which file is expected, nor I know how to generate that file.

I just want to specify a spatial reference and optionally the zoom levels I want. When I try to share a service description file, I end up with a ".sd" file but it is not accepted as the input of "Existing map service" option. Anyway when generating the service description I cannot define my spatial reference.

Well, I am a bit lost in the ArcMap options. Could anyone help me with this or could give me some hint about a step by step procedure on how to generate a customized spatial reference TPK ?

Thank you very much !