AGSMapView not working in Tab View Controller

Discussion created by chamsly on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2013 by NFurness-esristaff
I've been using MKMapView until I saw your MapViewDemo (very cool!)  :)

The demo project builds and runs fine on my device.  However, in my tab view controller app, when I hit the Map tab in my app (which worked fine with MKMapView), I just get a blank white screen (except for the tabs at the bottom). 

I'm using the same code as MapViewDemo with the following exceptions:
1) not including UIView in main app delegate (since doing that results in seeing the view placed over my Tab View Controller)
2) instead, View is placed inside my Tab View Controller using Storyboard

Any ideas?  The referencing mapView outlet is shown in XCode.  I also reverted my code back to using MKMapView and used the same steps shown here (got the same results...blank white screen):