Adding Event Handler - Delete Graphic Element

Discussion created by deleted-user-VeC5jUIlNXtq on Sep 4, 2013
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Hey all,

I've got a quick question regarding event handlers. I have a program to lock and unlock graphic elements in the page layout (text, etc...).

The issue is that "locked" (IElement.Locked = True) elements, can still be deleted, which I would like to prevent.

I have the code to prevent the delete, however I don't know how to add the actual event handler so that when I try to delete a locked element, it catches it and prevents it.

I guess this event handler should work independently of the actual lock/unlock Add-In, however I'm lost at where to begin.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (I'm a bit of an amateur at all of this so more detail is better).

Thanks, and let me know if more information is required for this.