Sum Point attribute in Polygons

Discussion created by jstabach on Sep 2, 2013
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I have a polygon file that is continent wide.  Within each unique polygon ID (14,000 total), I have a point dataset where bird point counts were collected.  Within a unique polygon ID there could be no ('0') points or up to a total of 5.  I'd like to loop through the polygon dataset and sum the number of birds counted at each point.  This way, I'll have the total number of birds counted within each polygon.  That is, I don't need the number of points within the polygon, but the number of counts at each point within each polygon.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to summarize a point attribute within a polygon.  My polygons have a unique ID ("ID") and I have a field within each point ("Count") summarizing the total count at that point.

Thanks for any help.