WMS labeling with PointPlacement

Discussion created by asneuvon on Aug 29, 2013

I am trying to create a dynamic WMS-service where the content and style is defined by SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor). Everything works nicely until I try to add labels with TextSymbolizer. Or to be more precise, when I want to align the text symbols on top of my points. They simply won't align but stay stubbornly on the right side of the point. I could not find any samples of proper label placement.

After looking into this it seems to me the problem is that ESRI ArcGIS Server does not really support the <sld:PointPlacement> element. Although it is said in the documentation that this element is supported, it is said in the versy same page that elements <sld:PointPlacement> and <sld:AnchorPoint> are NOT supported. Weird.

So: is there any way to manage the placement of text symbols using SLD?

Samuli N.