How to use RefreshSchemaCache (VBA) ?

Discussion created by SIGEAL on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by SIGEAL

I am having problems with Access standalone tables structure not being updated.

I found the following advice in the old forum :
- Open your workspace.
- Cast the workspace factory to the IWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache interface.
- Call IWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache.RefreshSchemaCache, passing your workspace in as a parameter.

I tried to to that in VBA as follow, but I get a "Method or data member not found" error :
    Dim pFactWorkSpace As IWorkspaceFactory
    Set pFactWorkSpace = New OLEDBWorkspaceFactory
    Dim pWorkSpace As IWorkspace
    Set pWorkSpace = pFactWorkSpace.Open(pPropset, 0)

    'Dim pWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache As IWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache
    'Set pWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache = pFactWorkSpace
    'pWorkspaceFactorySchemaCache.RefreshSchemaCache (pWorkSpace)

Thanks for any hint.