Upgrade Add-in project to Visual Studio 2012

Discussion created by mjnelson42 on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by use2b311
Was using Visual Studio Express 2010 with 10.1. With upgrading to 10.2 also moving up to VS Express 2012. But when I open a add-in projected in VS Express 2012 and try to debug the add-in does not get installed.

I updated the options file to point to the 10.2 exe so ArcMap opens when Start Debugging is run. Also updated target version in the config file.

Creating a new add-in project in VS and running debug starts up arcmap and installs the add-in. So I assume there is just some setting somewhere I need to update in my old add-in projects to get it to install when debugging.


Michael Nelson