Check intersection with a feature class

Discussion created by dude1237 on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by belowzero8
I have an ArcObjects code that is checking whether a GeometryBag is intersecting with a list of feature classes (few tens of them) that are stored in SDE (everything is version 10.0).
It does this by opening a FeatureClass and then calling Search on it, and then calling NextFeature on the returned cursor, and returning true or false based on its result (the GeometryBag is small, so it won't intersect with a lot of features).

I'm seeing that the performance of this method isn't great, with OpenFeatureClass taking the most time. I wonder if it's reasonable that it's not fast, because OpenFeatureClass allows some advanced operations on the feature class after it's called, and whether there's a faster way of doing this in ArcObjects.

We have an ArcGis Server on our environment so I guess running Query against map services exposing the needed feature classes is also a reasonable option and may be faster.