Python program stops on "DeleteIdentical" without an error message.

Discussion created by bmillerdot on Aug 20, 2013
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Python program stops running but there is not an error message.  I know that the "Repair" is completed without a problem because I had print statements giving me the status of the program.  After the program stops, I am able to start ArcMap and I can use the "DeleteIdentical" tool manually without a problem on the output data and it removes 171 duplicate lines.

Below is the code and I have tried several things like putting a tolerance for the DeleteIdentical and skipping the MultpartToSinglePart and I added the part to do a Repair. Also, tried using "in_memory" instead of a file-geodatabase.  This exact same code has worked in the past.

#  stream is the path to the file-geodatabase feature class.  
arcpy.Identity_analysis (stream + "3", "BrdgDeck", stream + "4")
arcpy.MultipartToSinglepart_management (stream + "4", stream + "5")
arcpy.RepairGeometry_management (stream + "5")
arcpy.DeleteIdentical_management (stream + "5", ["Shape", "NOTE"])