Editor tracking with a non-hosted feature service

Discussion created by andrew.pericak on Aug 19, 2013
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I work at a university (running 10.1 across the board) and we have an organizational account with ArcGIS Online. Some (non-GIS) classes want to use the ArcGIS app on their smartphones to collect points. And, the instructors would like the students' username and edit dates to be associated with the points, as they can be when using a hosted feature service with ArcGIS Online. However, I would like to have this layer on our local server so that we can use it more easily later.

To create the point layer, I first published an empty point feature service onto our server with editor tracking enabled for that service. I then added that layer to a web map on ArcGIS Online, presuming that as the students (as members of the ArcGIS Online organization) collected points, their ArcGIS Online username would be recorded, as would the creation/edit date. When I go to test this, however, only the creation/edit date is recorded. When viewed in ArcGIS Online, the username is left blank; when I view the feature service in ArcMap, the created_user field comes up as "Esri_Anonymous". I'm presuming this is because the feature is public, but correct me if I'm wrong.

So I could make the feature private, but that would involve creating users and roles for each student in the class. Rather than do this, I want the students to be able to use their same username and password as they would use to log on to ArcGIS Online. So my question is, is using editor tracking with ArcGIS online possible this way (i.e., without creating a hosted feature service but having the students' permissions the same as their ArcGIS online account), or am I stuck with using a hosted feature service?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!