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Help with ArcObjects for VBA Application

Question asked by daviddenham on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by daviddenham
I have inherited a VBA application that we use to notify land owners of changes in zoning near their properties.  I did not write the original application and I have not done much programming in VBA.  I am currently working on replacing this application with a python add-in, but a change in state law is forcing me to update the VBA application because of time constraints.  The new state law requires that with any zoning cases municipalities must notify school districts of any changes in zoning that occur within the district boundaries.  I have create a polygon feature class of the school districts with the mailing addresses for each district.  Users can choose to select one or more parcels or zoning case polygons or choose to select a polygon shapefile to designate the area being rezoned.  The application then converts these polygons to a graphic element and then creates a graphical buffer around first graphic.  These graphics are then use select the parcels that intersect the combined graphics, select the corresponding records in a related tax roll table and export the results into a dbf file.  I want to use a spatial filter to select any school district polygons that intersect the shapefile polygons or the original selection before the graphics are created.  Then store the selected records in a global selectionset and insert the records into the final dbf.  I have tried to create a procedure to do this, but it keeps crashing on me.  Here is what I have so far:
Public Sub SelectSchoolDistrict()  Dim pMxApp As IMxApplication   Dim pMap As IMap   Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument   Dim pActiveView As IActiveView   Dim pEnumFeature As IEnumFeature   Dim pFeature As IFeature   Set pMxApp = Application   Set pMxDoc = Application.Document   Set pActiveView = pMxDoc.FocusMap   Set pMap = pMxDoc.FocusMap        Dim pFeatureCursor As IFeatureCursor   Dim pFeatureSelection As IFeatureSelection   Dim pSelectionSet As ISelectionSet      Set pFeatureSelection = pMxDoc.FocusMap.Layer(1) 'FeatureSelection   Set pSelectionSet = pFeatureSelection.SelectionSet         m_SetSelectableLayer ("School District")      If ThisDocument.g_Model = 2 Then     Dim pISDLayer As IFeatureLayer     Dim pSearchLayer As ILayer              Dim ISDcount As Integer     For ISDcount = 0 To pMxDoc.FocusMap.LayerCount - 1         Set pSearchLayer = pMxDoc.FocusMap.Layer(ISDcount)         If pSearchLayer.Name = "School Districts" Then             Set pISDLayer = pSearchLayer             Exit For         End If     Next          Dim pISDfSel As IFeatureSelection     Set pISDfSel = pISDLayer          Dim pEnumParcelIDs As IEnumIDs     Set pEnumParcelIDs = pSelectionSet.IDs          Dim pGeoCollParcel As IGeometryCollection     Set pGeoCollParcel = New GeometryBag          Dim count As Long     For count = 1 To pSelectionSet.count         pGeoCollParcel.AddGeometry pISDLayer.FeatureClass.GetFeature(pEnumParcelIDs.Next).Shape     Next count          Dim pISDSpatialFilter As ISpatialFilter     Set pISDSpatialFilter = New SpatialFilter          With pISDSpatialFilter         Set .Geometry = pGeoCollParcel         .GeometryField = "Shape"         .SpatialRel = esriSpatialRelContains     End With          pISDfSel.SelectFeatures pISDSpatialFilter, esriSelectionResultNew, False          Set gISDSelectionSet = pISDfSel.SelectionSet                       End If    'End Section to add ISD addresses    End Sub  

I would appreciate any help or advise that anyone can offer.