Create a customized rotate tool

Discussion created by YLiAustin on Aug 14, 2013

My user wants to have a customized tool to replace the default rotate tool.  The default one requires to turn the symbology's rotation property on, which is causing mxd to crash.  The crash happens several times a day now.  We use ArcGIS 10.1 SP1.  We seldom had crash when we used 10 SP3. 

Here is what in user's mind:
1.  use the tool to turn the symbol to the desired direction and the number of the turning degree is catched. 
2.  the number is written to the rotation field.
2.  since the rotation property is set to none so drawing will not rotate the features.  This shall reduce the crash time.

I do not know where to start.  I found out the IRotationRenderer can be used.  However how can I catch the event once the symbol finishes turning and get the degree number?