using slope, distance and elevation to calculate point of impact on varying terrain

Discussion created by dgedmonds on Aug 14, 2013
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I would like to know if there is an existing Arc tool and/or method to calculate the following:

I have a fixed point at the base of a mountain. The ground at my fixed point is not flat, though, there is a slight percent slope for the first 400m, and the slope increases more and more at higher elevations. I need to determine where a straight line drawn from my fixed point 10 degrees upward towards the mountain would intersect the mountain (elevation at intersect). I am pretty sure that I need to incorporate my starting percent slope, as well as the varying percent slopes as elevation increases.

I have been working with rise over run and SOHCAHTOA examples, but the change in slope over distance is what is throwing me.

any assistance would be appreciated.