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Initializing Network dataset workspace extension VB.NET problem

Question asked by conor.moloney on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by conor.moloney
I have an add in tool that is basically compiling routes of people travelling to work. It is a large tool ( a lot of code) and it worked a month ago. When I came back to use it yesterday it suddenly doesn't work any more. I think I've narrowed it down to the RouteClass which was designed from the Route Layer sample here

My code seems to crash when I initialize the routeclass. I'll post the section where I think it is going wrong.

MsgBox("6 " + startpoint.X.ToString)                  routeClass.Init()                 route1 = routeClass.SolveRoute()                 If Not route1 Is Nothing Then                      startOID = OutputDatabase1.WriteToRouteTableRowField(person_number, route1)                     route1length = route1.Length                     MsgBox("99" + route1length.ToString)                 Else                     route1length = 0                 End If                  crowflies = crowFliesDistance(startpoint, endpoint)                 MsgBox("22" + crowflies.ToString)             End If         End If

This is only a small section of the code, the message boxes are for me to see where the code stops. The last message box that worked is MsgBox("6 " + startpoint.X.ToString) .

Here is my RouteClass

Public Class RouteClass Public Const SHAPE_WORKSPACE As String = "C:\Users\Paul\Downloads\Geo\" Private Const INPUT_STOPS_FC As String = "StopsInput" Private Const SHAPE_INPUT_NAME_FIELD As String = "StopsInput" Private Const NETWORK_DATASET As String = "DTO_Network_ND" 'Public naLayerStore As INALayer  Dim workspaceFactory As IWorkspaceFactory = New ShapefileWorkspaceFactoryClass()  Dim featureWorkspace As IFeatureWorkspace = workspaceFactory.OpenFromFile(SHAPE_WORKSPACE, 0)  Dim pUID As UID = New UIDClass() Dim networkDataset As INetworkDataset Dim inputStopsFClass As IFeatureClass Dim NALayer As INALayer Dim naContext As INAContext Dim stopsNAClass As INAClass Dim routesFC As IFeatureClass  Dim naClassFieldMap As INAClassFieldMap Dim naLoader As INAClassLoader Dim blankstops As Object  Dim messages As New GPMessagesClass()  Dim naSolver As INASolver   Public Sub Init()      pUID.Value = "esriGeoDatabase.NetworkDatasetWorkspaceExtension"       Dim workspaceExtensionManager As IWorkspaceExtensionManager = featureWorkspace     Dim datasetContainer2 As IDatasetContainer2 = workspaceExtensionManager.FindExtension(pUID)       networkDataset = datasetContainer2.DatasetByName(esriDatasetType.esriDTNetworkDataset, NETWORK_DATASET)      End Sub   'Create the analysis layer, load the locations, solve the analysis, and write to disk Public Function SolveRoute() As Integer()     ' Open the feature workspace, input feature class, and network dataset     inputStopsFClass = featureWorkspace.OpenFeatureClass(INPUT_STOPS_FC)       ' Create the Route NALayer     NALayer = CreateRouteAnalysisLayer("Route", networkDataset)     naContext = NALayer.Context     stopsNAClass = naContext.NAClasses.ItemByName("Stops")     routesFC = naContext.NAClasses.ItemByName("Routes")       ' Load the Stops     naClassFieldMap = New NAClassFieldMapClass()     naClassFieldMap.MappedField("Name") = SHAPE_INPUT_NAME_FIELD      naLoader = New NAClassLoaderClass()     naLoader.Locator = naContext.Locator     naLoader.NAClass = stopsNAClass     naLoader.FieldMap = naClassFieldMap       naLoader.Load(inputStopsFClass.Search(Nothing, True), New CancelTrackerClass(), 0, 0)     'New QueryFilterClass()     ' Message all of the network analysis agents that the analysis context has changed     'Dim naContextEdit As INAContextEdit = naContext     'naContextEdit.ContextChanged()      'Solve      messages = New GPMessagesClass()     Try         naSolver = naContext.Solver         naSolver.Solve(naContext, messages, New CancelTrackerClass())     Catch e As Exception          TextFromFile1.errorwriter("Solver exception: " + e.Message, MakeRoute.person_no_global)          If Not messages.Description Is Nothing Then              TextFromFile1.errorwriter("Solver error: " + messages.Description, MakeRoute.person_no_global)         Else             TextFromFile1.errorwriter("Solver error: ", MakeRoute.person_no_global)           End If         Return Nothing     End Try       'Save the layer to disk (disabled to improve execution speed     'SaveLayerToDisk(NALayer, System.Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\RouteGEN.lyr")     'naLayerStore = naLayer      'AREA FOR EXTRACTING THE FEATURES TRAVERSED BY THE ROUTE     Dim naTraversalResult As INATraversalResult = CType(naLayer.Context.Result, INATraversalResult)     Dim naTraversalResultQuery As INATraversalResultQuery = CType(naTraversalResult, INATraversalResultQuery)        Dim traversalFClass As IFeatureClass = naTraversalResultQuery.FeatureClass(esriNetworkElementType.esriNETEdge)     Dim featureCursor1 As IFeatureCursor = traversalFClass.Search(Nothing, True)      Dim feature As IFeature = featureCursor1.NextFeature()     If feature Is Nothing Then          MsgBox("no result found to be added to database")     End If      ' Loop through all the traversal result elements for that feature     Dim routeNums() As Integer = {0}     Dim i As Integer = 0     Dim totlength As Double = 0     Dim poly As IPolyline     While Not feature Is Nothing           poly = feature.Shape         totlength += poly.Length         'This is the FID value of each feature          ReDim Preserve routeNums(0 To i)         routeNums(i) = feature.Value(3)          'MsgBox(feature.Value(0).ToString + " . " + feature.Value(1).ToString + " . " + feature.Value(2).ToString + " . " + feature.Value(3).ToString + " . " + feature.Value(4).ToString + " . ")          feature = featureCursor1.NextFeature()         i = i + 1     End While     Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(featureCursor1)     MakeRoute.resultDistance = totlength     Return routeNums  End Function  'Create a new network anlaysis layer and set some solver settings Private Function CreateRouteAnalysisLayer(ByVal layerName As String, ByVal networkDataset As INetworkDataset) As INALayer     Dim naRouteSolver As INARouteSolver = New NARouteSolverClass()     Dim naSolverSettings As INASolverSettings = naRouteSolver     Dim naSolver As INASolver = naRouteSolver      'Get the NetworkDataset's Data Element     Dim datasetComponent As IDatasetComponent = networkDataset     Dim deNetworkDataset As IDENetworkDataset = datasetComponent.DataElement      'Create the NAContext and bind to it     Dim naContext As INAContext = naSolver.CreateContext(deNetworkDataset, layerName)     Dim naContextEdit As INAContextEdit = naContext     naContextEdit.Bind(networkDataset, New GPMessagesClass())      'Create the NALayer     Dim naLayer As INALayer = naSolver.CreateLayer(naContext)     Dim layer As ILayer = naLayer     layer.Name = layerName      'Set some properties on the the route solver interface     naRouteSolver.FindBestSequence = True     naRouteSolver.PreserveFirstStop = True     naRouteSolver.PreserveLastStop = False     naRouteSolver.UseTimeWindows = False      naRouteSolver.OutputLines = esriNAOutputLineType.esriNAOutputLineTrueShapeWithMeasure      'Set some properties on the general INASolverSettings interface     Dim restrictions As IStringArray = naSolverSettings.RestrictionAttributeNames      'Dim att As IStringArray = naSolverSettings.AccumulateAttributeNames      'att.Add("LEN_KM")     'naSolverSettings.AccumulateAttributeNames = att     naSolverSettings.RestrictionAttributeNames = restrictions      'CODE TO USE HIERARCHY, or not     naSolverSettings.UseHierarchy = MakeRoute.useHierarchy      ' Update the context based on the changes made to the solver settings     naSolver.UpdateContext(naContext, deNetworkDataset, New GPMessagesClass())      'Return the layer     Return naLayer End Function  'Write the NALayer out to disk as a layer file. Public Sub SaveLayerToDisk(ByVal layer As ILayer, ByVal path As String)     Try         Console.WriteLine("Writing layer file containing analysis to " + path)         Dim layerfile As ILayerFile = New LayerFileClass()         layerfile.New(path)         layerfile.ReplaceContents(layer)         layerfile.Save()         Console.WriteLine("Writing layer file successfully saved")     Catch err As Exception         ' Write out errors         Console.WriteLine(err.Message)         TextFromFile1.errorwriter("save layer error: ", MakeRoute.person_no_global)      End Try  End Sub

Again, this worked a month ago. I think the problem is with routeclass.init() . The rest of the code should be fine even if it doesn't follow conventional methods. I have initialised the licence for arcgis in another part of my code.