Popups bug when filter applied/Publishing multiple services vs. filtering one service

Discussion created by MichaelGayheart on Aug 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by philr8
I have published a map service from our ArcGIS Server that I use to make four different maps from based on different filters on the layers in the service.  I then publish those maps in a Map Gallery Carousel that is embedded in another website. The problem comes in when a user tries to click on the map for a popup on one of the filtered maps...results are returned that don't meet the filter criteria! Since the polygons overlaps quite a bit, users get extraneous data even when they click on a valid area.

I have a NIMBUS bug in about this (NIM093201). It happens on apps but not maps. Basically, the query sent to the server doesn't include the where clause. I have no idea when it might be fixed. The workaround would be to publish services for each of the maps so that no filtering is needed on the ArcGIS Online side. My question is, what are the performance implications of publishing 4 services that only differ by a query vs. having a single service that can be filtered multiple ways? Does anyone else publish apps that use popups from filtered layers? Any other workarounds that wouldn't involve publishing basically the same service multiple times?