Need documentation / samples for Field Calculator and Regular Expression notation

Discussion created by bdodsonesri-ca-esridist Employee on Aug 9, 2013
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Having reviewed the 10.2 final help, and the most recent beta training materials I had available, and the tech workshop in the UC proceedings, I find that I am facing a gap in the documentation for the built-in processors.

Specifically, I wasn't able to find any info on the expression language used in the field calculator, or on any built-in functions that may be available e.g. for string manipulation, etc.

I do have two screen shots from the beta materials, one showing an arithmetic expression to convert units, the other showing two fields concatenated with a literal string. These both showed a JavaScript-style notation, but beyond that I would be guessing. Likewise, I don't seem to have anything for the Regular Expression processor - e.g. which regex notation is used, whether captures and back-references are supported, etc.

For one example, I was trying to figure out what expression syntax I could use to extract a substring from one field and concatenate that with the value of another field. I believe the functionality to do this is probably available in either of the built-in processors mentioned above, once I find out their respective expression formats.

Another example, if supported: changing a string value to all upper case. Yet another: rounding off a numeric value. I just don't know if there are built-in functions available in the Field Calculator to power these kinds of operations.

Perhaps someone who attended live training, or a member of the GeoEvent team can help out? Thanks!